Reviewing… Hello Fresh

I try to live a relatively balanced lifestyle the majority of the time. Through the week, I like to cook fresh, healthy meals as much as possible because at weekends I struggle to resist a good pizza, Chinese takeaway or share bag of chocolate… (oops). I try to do a big healthy shop at a weekend to last me the week ahead, however my weekends tend to be pretty busy so there are some weekends that this just isn’t possible.

Enter Hello Fresh.

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‘burgh Bank Holiday

A couple of weeks ago, my mum and auntie visited from home for my Mum’s birthday. We had a lovely weekend of eating, drinking and seeing the Edinburgh sights. I wanted to review a couple of activities so thought an overarching blog of the entire weekend made most sense. Here’s my take on an almost perfect Bank Holiday weekend in Edinburgh…

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Reviewing… Chaophraya, Edinburgh

Since I moved to Edinburgh, I have been desperate to try Chaophraya. I’ve heard numerous rave reviews of the delicious food, stunning views and tempting drinks. I also absolutely love Thai food, so we are in the process of slowly working our way round the Thai restaurants Edinburgh has to offer.

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Reviewing… Kirk View Cafe & Bistro, Aberdeen

Having moved to Edinburgh 6 months ago, I am spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a restaurant. No matter my need, whether I am looking for a quick and reasonably priced bite to eat, a 5 star dining experience, or something in between, Edinburgh offers plenty of options.

Last weekend, I returned to Aberdeen to take my Mum to see Blood Brothers at the theatre. You would expect that nothing much would change in a city in only 6 months, but with the downturn the oil industry has experienced in the past couple of years, Aberdeen is a hugely different city to the one I left. Researching restaurants for a pre-theatre meal, I realised that several had closed, and most of my options looked to be chains. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the odd chain restaurant but for Mother’s Day weekend, I was looking for something slightly more special, but still at a reasonable price.

Lurking around Facebook and Instagram, I came across the newly opened Kirk View Cafe & Bistro, located a literal stones’ throw away from His Majesty’s Theatre. The reviews from the first couple of weeks looked promising, so we booked.

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Making… Chilli Prawn Salad with Ciabatta

Now that the nicer weather is starting to come through (although admittedly not as quickly as I would like), I am already preparing for salad season. I love spring/summer because it means the days get lighter, the temperature increases (slightly), and my overall mood improves. It also means I can ditch the comfort food I’ve been relying on through winter, i.e no more soup every day for lunch, and can invent new salad concoctions.

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Making… Pancakes

It only seems fitting that the first recipe I post on Pancakes and Polaroids is a pancake one! I guess first of all though, I should give you a bit of a background on my blog name.

Prior to starting my Instagram food blog, I would post the odd picture of food on my personal account. This started becoming more frequent when I discovered my love of making pancakes and more importantly, making them look pretty. I felt that most of my followers probably weren’t interested in my new found hobby, so I started my Instagram food blog in June 2016 . With that, Healthkick Kirst was born (now a popular nickname with some of my friends – thanks guys). I’ve held this name until very recently when I decided to start a blog and knew it wasn’t all going to be healthy…

SO.. we’ve got to Pancakes and Polaroids. Pancakes are where my interest in food photography began so it only seemed fitting that they were in there. Polaroids is more of a reminder to myself to take more pictures – not only of my food, but of everything else too. Photography has always been a hobby of mine and one of my goals for this year is to spend more of my spare time on it.

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Reviewing… Dishoom, Edinburgh

I have been dying to visit Dishoom ever since it opened in Edinburgh back in November. I am originally from Aberdeenshire, and I am spoiled for choice of Indian restaurants in my nearest town so it has always been a popular choice for my family and I when going out for a meal.

Dishoom describe themselves as a “Bombay Café”. The original Bombay Cafés welcomed and attracted anyone and everyone – students, businessmen/women and families. Unfortunately few of these Cafés remain, so it is refreshing to see Dishoom trying to bring this back in the UK.

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